Scatter Guns Sporting Clays


Scatter Guns Sporting Clays

Scatter Guns, LLC - Elite Sporting Clays Course in Kansas

Scatter Guns is a ten station course with twenty throwers. Enjoy winding through the native grass and trees and also shooting over a pond. The course offers an opportunity for every level of shooter; young, old, men and women. Targets are replicated for true hunting conditions, from upland and waterfowl to rabbits. Don’t miss our elevated “Pride of the Farm” and field drill stations!

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What to Expect

What to Expect at Scatter Guns Sporting Clays

  • Course is open to individuals and groups
  • Provide own gun and shells
  • Lodging is available but requires reservations
  • Pre Paid cards – shoot at your own leisure or purchase unlimited targets.  Unused targets/credits can be shot at a later date.
  • One shooter – no worries.  Stations can be programmed for delayed throws
  • Flexible hours with weekday and weekend shooting
  • Course is walkable, but you are welcome to bring your own cart or ATV

Scatter Guns Pricing

  • 45 cents per clay (average 100 clays per course)
  • Electronic cards that read at each station.  Prepay for unlimited amount or only 100 clays, your choice.
  • Cash, Check, Venmo or credit card.

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